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A Message from our Owner

Hello and welcome!

I am so glad to see you here. Thank you for taking time out of your day to support my brand.

The concept of Boldness 'n Grace began when I first rediscovered my faith. I was born into the faith but I never took it seriously until I found Jesus when I was 18 years old. Finding Jesus led me to the truth. All the lies that were fed to me my entire life began disintegrating before my very eyes. I was now able to see the discrepancies in our generation and culture. We live in an interesting society where our members live off of instant gratification. Consequentially, beauty has proven itself to be an effective tool for influencing others. Beauty is utilized by Big Tech, corporations, and Hollywood to shape minds and ultimately, lives. The use of beauty as a marketing tool has aided in the plight of women and girls receiving cosmetic procedures at alarmingly young ages. 

Beauty is now comprised of BBLs, lip injections, nose jobs, and waist trainers. Beauty is now defined by those with the most followers, likes, and mentions. Beauty is now shown by how much clothing you are willing to take off.

When I found Jesus, I found my true identity that is rooted in Him, as first and foremost His beloved daughter. I finally found the confidence that I had been searching for my whole life. I found where true beauty dwells. Beauty is not found through Instagram models who pose at just the right angle. Beauty is not found in the money you make from stripping on OnlyFans. Beauty is not found in how perfectly “snatched” your waist and face are. No, beauty is found in the way that you present and carry yourself. Beauty is found in the way that you take care of the body and life that is given to you. Beauty is found in the love that you have for yourself and most importantly, the Lord. 

I want to show young women and girls that they do not need to strip themselves of dignity to be noticed and desired. They do not need to force their bodies to look a certain way to be beautiful. There is beauty in every single one of us because we were created by the One who never makes mistakes. We are all intentionally, perfectly, and beautifully knitted together. So, embrace the beauty in your very existence.

Through Boldness ‘n Grace, I aim to help my fellow sisters discover their undeniable beauty and inherent value. I devote my brand to promoting the importance of no longer choosing to be victims of the misconstrued perception of beauty in our culture. The purpose of Boldness ‘n Grace is to empower the restoration of dignity in each person as they boldly walk on their path to the throne of grace.

With my greatest love,

Anh Bui